The following testimonials have been provided by my clients.

They range from leaders on the world stage to business leaders. It has been my privilege to work with the brightest minds – most of whom shared a common dread of appearing before an audience – regardless of their experience in their field.

Tony McNaught

Partner – Corporate Finance

Maggie Eyre has been involved in coaching and mentoring a number of KPMG partners and directors over the last five years.

Maggie’s enthusiasm and passion demonstrated in undertaking her role has resulted in some outstanding gains made by our partners and directors. Maggie has an ability to treat each individual as if they were her ‘only client’. This has resulted in very high degrees of motivation for our partners and directors who have managed to extract the most from the coaching maggie provides.

We have no doubt that the successful outcomes from the coaching provided by Maggie are a direct result of Maggie’s passion and desire to ensure the best outcomes for each and ever partner and director she worked with.

We can therefore highly recommend her as a valuable tool for coaching and mentoring senior mangers and directors.

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Jane Cunliffe

New Zealand Consul General and Investment Director North America,
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (2000-2004)

I was somewhat anxious about speaking in public, and watching others, was never satisfied with my own performance.

Maggie’s sessions have given me a notable boost in confidence; the confidence to be myself and to build my own style.

The failsafe formula she prescribes in preparing for such occasions has enhanced my ability to remain confident and calm at all my speaking engagements.

In my latest role I also engaged Maggie to work with some of our team in New York. They were equally as enthusiastic about the way that Maggie was able to help them overcome fears, and realise their own attributes to play on their natural strengths.”

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Michael Dunlop
Managing Director
Acumen Group

Maggie Eyre was employed by the Acumen Group and its subsidiary Encore communications for 8 years as an account director.

Encore undertakes training and personal development work for corporate clients across New Zealand. It operates alongside two public relations companies, an advertising agency and an events company. The objective is to provide single discipline solutions for clients, or integrated communications by drawing on different companies within the group.

Maggie was our star. She is a star performer at many levels.

Maggie has an abundance of energy and warmth that clients and prospects identify with. One could not find a better ambassador.

But she is also a performer in the way she can transform people’s behaviours and attitudes whether it be through coaching and mentoring chief executives, team building with a sales team, media training a senior executive team, running Creative Presence seminars with professional service firm advisors, or personal grooming workshops for executives.

In eight years, every post course evaluation Maggie received from participants was very positive.

And Maggie is a performer in the way that she can lift the spirits of the people around her. The client always comes first, and Maggie is always there for them, with an enthusiastic team.

It became time for Maggie to spread her wings and travel overseas. We are sorry she has gone, but confident that where ever she lands she will be a tremendous asset.

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Derek McCormack
Vice Chancellor
Auckland University of Technology

I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Maggie Eyre.

I have known Ms Eyre through my positions at the Auckland University of Technology, first as the Deputy Vice Chancellor and then as Vice Chancellor. The Auckland University of Technology is a relatively new university in New Zealand with around 25,000 students and over 2000 staff members.

As well as from her work for the University I know Ms Eyre by reputation as a person of renown in New Zealand because of her leadership in the performing arts and her coaching services to high profile public figures throughout the corporate and government sectors.

Over the last four years Ms Eyre has provided the University with a variety of services including:

* Presentation skills seminars and one on one coaching to key people
* Regular guest lecturing in the field of public relations
* Team building for key business units

Over a year ago I personally commissioned Ms Eyre to begin working with me on public speaking, presentation, and media training, with what I consider to be dramatic results in the effectiveness of all the public aspects of my role as Vice Chancellor. Accordingly, I continued with her as my coach until her departure from New Zealand this month.

Based on my experience of the value she has added I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Maggie Eyre to other business leaders interested in upgrading their speaking and presentation effectiveness. She has a uniquely inspirational and positive style, which coupled with her extensive knowledge and profound intuition of the finer points of speaking and presentation, gets the very best from those with whom she works.

The reports of her other work at the University are equally positive. As a testament to this one group of students is bringing her back from the UK to Auckland next year at their own expense to get the very best preparation available for an international case competition.

This also points to Ms Eyre’s ability to work with a diversity of people. Whether young students or business and national leaders her results are always outstanding and the client satisfaction rating is high.

I would be pleased to answer any questions to further elucidate my and my organisation’s experience of working with Ms Eyre.

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Jane Sweeney
Chief Executive
Porter Novelli

I worked with Maggie Eyre for seven years from 1997 – 2004. She reported directly to me from 1997 to 2001 and she then moved into a sister company, but our working relationship continued, and we were involved together in client activities on a daily basis.

Maggie was first employed by leading PR firm, Consultus, and then by a specialist training, coaching and mentoring company, Encore. Both are part of the Acumen Group of communication based businesses.

Possessing a broad “tool kit, Maggie has extended her core presentation skills offering to encompass professional coaching and mentoring. She designs her own courses and offers team building, leadership development, media training, sales performance, pitching to win, image and grooming, among other modules.

A dedicated professional, Maggie goes 120% out for all her clients. She is very talented, energetic and passionate, and these traits, combined with her strong skill set, produce extraordinary results. Clients have often told me that Maggie has changed their lives. She becomes a devoted and loyal advocate for her clients and offers them support and encouragement well beyond the scope of her assignments. Maggie is strong on keeping client issues confidential when required, and has become a trusted adviser to many.

Skilled in working alongside other consultants, Maggie is used to working as part of a team and delivering a business outcome for clients. She will work creatively with others to produce new material which will challenge paradigms and move agendas forward. Maggie has often been the “circuit breaker” for PR consultants who have had clients with difficult presentational issues. There has not been a complex situation presented to her which she has failed to crack.

On the new business front Maggie is a great asset. She has natural and sophisticated networking skills and, in New Zealand, moved in the highest net worth and political circles. She has been sought out by business leaders and politicians not only for her technical assistance, but also to be on their boards, assist with fundraising and other such strategic matters.

The calibre of Maggie’s work is unparalleled. Combined with her effervescent and engaging personality, she has received very positive feedback when she has worked on international assignments such as the global KPMG partners conference or with the exclusive finishing school, Via, which welcomes young women from aristocratic and high net worth families from around the world to our country.

In recent times Maggie has had her first book published. Acknowledged as this country’s leading presentation skills trainer, Maggie provided a workbook of practical tips and useful exercises. It quickly reached the best-seller list and remains among the top ten business titles sold here. Launched by the Prime Minister, Maggie could have no higher endorsement of her skills.

I have no doubt that Maggie will be a draw card for any firm in the UK or Europe that chooses to engage her services. She has a rare talent which she combines with compassion and humour, She will be an asset to any team. I cannot recommend her more highly and would be happy to provide further verbal comments as required.

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Kim Mundell
Advertising Marketing Director
New Zealand Herald

Maggie Eyre was my secret weapon!

My challenge was to present to 250 editorial and marketing leaders from the newspaper industry in mid 2004. Maggie Eyre was my secret weapon!

In the beginning I had a topic, a vague idea of the presentation’s structure and a lot of misplaced confidence in my ability. The 16 hours I spent with Maggie over the following 6 weeks were the most productive I’ve ever spent.

Maggie guided me through a process of self-discovery, in a fun and positive manner. Maggie made me feel safe to experiment with new ways of delivering my message, knowing her feedback would always be supportive and constructive. I emerged from the process with new awareness of my strengths and the ability to successfully alter my delivery style to compensate for my weaknesses.

On the day of the presentation I stood at the lectern and looked down at a sea of expectant faces and was ecstatic to realize I had no nervousness and was genuinely looking forward to delivering my presentation. I felt in control. It was an exhilarating moment, for which I have Maggie Eyre to thank.

My speech was a resounding success and I received numerous compliments from colleagues afterwards. For me, a highlight was when the Executive President of the International Newspaper Marketing Association (who speaks regularly around the globe) asked me for advice on public speaking!

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Richard A. Mayes
Principal Project Manager
Parsons Brinckerhoff International (Hong Kong)

“Thanks to Maggie for her training, motivation, and confidence building. We would have not succeeded without her efforts.”

Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB), founded in New York, USA in 1885, is one of the oldest continuously operating engineering firms in the world. Recognized as a leader in consulting, planning, engineering, program management, construction management, and operations and maintenance for all types of infrastructure and building facilities. PB is employee-owned, with over 9,000 people in more than 150 offices on six continents.

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Gary Dick
Managing Partner
TMP WorldWide Executive Search NZ


In the world of executive search, we are regularly exposed to the broad continuum of capabilities seen in the business world. Every so often someone stands out with a totally unique offering . . . Maggie Eyre is one such person. Maggie stands out from her peer group because of her special personal qualities — she is intelligent, quick-minded, practical and highly motivated. These are traits often seen in business executives but Maggie’s uniqueness comes from her ability to build a rapport with her audience, put them at ease, then take them through a graduated process of confidence-building in an area where they typically have very little confidence — the domain of training and public speaking.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Maggie several years ago and subsequently spent time going through her public-speaking programme, which is encapsulated in this book. Maggie’s practical training sessions remove the stress, intensity and mystique associated with public speaking, a difficult area for many business executives. In Speak Easy, Maggie has captured the essence of her practical sessions and in some mysterious way has also brought her own personal warmth and empathy to the book.

There is no substitute for practice but Maggie has used a training methodology in the book in such a way that it rapidly builds confidence and by the end, you are left with the notion that it is simply a matter of implementing what she says . . . and in fact it is!

The domain of public speaking is often seen as the rarified space in which only politicians or ‘big business’ leaders can be successful. Of course, we all know this to be incorrect — I have personally benefited from Maggie’s unique training approach. Put simply, this book provides the platform for anyone to excel in what can be one of life’s difficult areas. Maggie has done an exceptional job in writing a book that is so easy to understand and shows us all how to improve in an area that too often seems overwhelmingly difficult.

This book is a must-read for any student contemplating a career in business through to the chief executive who is comfortable with facilitating small action groups but uncomfortable in the larger public landscape. Furthermore, it is a critical part of any personal self-development programme.

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Penelope Miller-Stewart
HR Manager
Staples Rodway NZ

I have had the pleasure of being professionally associated with Maggie Eyre since 2000, when the national law firm I was head of HR for merged with an international accountancy practice and became KPMG Legal.

Part of the implementation of the merger saw the law firm having to take on many of the international practices of the accounting side and much of this was in the learning and development area which I also over saw. Maggie was engaged as an external facilitator/mentor in a number of areas to work at a very senior level with a number of the partners who by their own admission had issues that included lack of confidence, low self esteem and in some cases the questioning of whether their future was in the law. In this type of role Maggie’s was outstanding she is someone who is able to gain people’s confidence very quickly and establish a rapport and the partners came to value her sessions very much.

Other areas Maggie was involved included training seminars for staff who were at graduate level to senior associate this included presentation skills, business development and networking. All were received extremely well and staff gained a huge amount from the sessions.

When KPMG Legal de-merged from KPMG and reverted back to Kensington Swan April 2003, the relationship with Maggie continued. I have since left Kensington Swan and now head HR in an accounting firm and my relationship with Maggie and her organization continues.

From both a professional and personal aspect I will miss Maggie’s dynamic personality, her enthusiasm and passion for what she does and would highly recommend her to any organisation in any field of industry or commerce if they wish to make a difference to their people and the way they develop.

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Please note.
Many clients prefer not to be included in this forum as a matter of privacy. Maggie is able to provide many more references from many very senior executives who have benefited from her training at your request.