Group Training

Introduction to Creating Presence – A dynamic, interactive, three-hour short-course on presenting to a team, an in-house audience or in a public forum. This course introduces participants to the basics of body language, voice projection and content in a fun and interesting way.

Suitable for up to 20 people – as a “taster” for organisations who want to consider a full two-day Creating Presence Course or, as a “stand alone” course for E.A’s, support or technical staff.

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Networking – A practical, “hands-on” half-day course for people who want to learn how to “work a room” with confidence, start up conversations and introduce themselves and their organisations in an interesting and memorable way.

Suitable for up to 25 people and particularly useful for organisations that need to promote their skills and services.

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Growing confidence – A full-day course that helps build confidence, presence and skills for those needing to take their presentation skills to “the next level”.

Suitable for 4 people who need intensive coaching in a “step-by-step rehearsal process.

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Creating memorable content – A full-day course for up to eight people who want to learn how to: “say goodbye to jargon”, workshop content, and produce a memorable speech or business presentation.

Suitable for people who present frequently and want to lift their game.

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Image make-over – Dress has a language – learn what yours is in this full or half-day session for 2-4 people. Each person will have an opportunity to workshop clothing, colours, hairstyle and make-up. We provide introductions to other consultants and retailers who can support the change process.

Suitable for regular presenters who want to improve confidence and appearance.

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 Team building – a lively full or half-day session tailor-made to meet the needs of teams who want to communicate better and work more effectively together.

Suitable for teams of 8-12 who want to focus on communication skills, story telling and team activities.

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These are just some examples of the courses that we can provide.  Get in touch today and we can work together to create a course designed for you and your needs.