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For many people, presenting in public can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be.

Like you, for years I was scared of public speaking. Before I trained as an actress, I would shake before presenting to an audience, my mind would go blank, and I’d completely lose focus!

If you’d told me then that someday I would be one of the most sought after teachers in my field – and a best selling author on the subject, I would have definitely thought you wrong. But I learned how to overcome my fear and so can you. It’s really not as hard as you may think.  

My profession as a teacher, trainer, and coach, is one I cherish. I live to help people shine on the stage and I love what I do. For more than two decades, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing thousands of people transform into confident speakers and along the way I’ve picked up some top tips. Here they are below.

I really hope that next time you’ll realise that presenting in public really isn’t that daunting at all.

Top Tips

I’ve also created a video with a few more tips for you below. And remember you can find all of my tips in my new revised version of Speak Easy.